Welcome to the Body&Mind.

Enjoy the Unique Thai Massage which believe in the true wellness, balance of your body, mind and soul pressing and stretching your body by hand, thumb and palm stroke along with herbal oil, hot stone and warm herbal ball to relieve tension and complete relaxing.

Come and reveal your true spirit within Body & Mind Massage Center which the best treatments including:

  • Hot Stone Massage
  • Aroma Sport Massage
  • Hot Herbal Ball Compress
  • Traditional Thai Massage
  • Feet Reflexology
  • Head, Neck, Shoulder and Back Massage


Hot Stone Massage

Unique therapy with Basalt Stone, placed in your body to promote relaxation and open the energy pathways, muscles are pretreated with the heated stone then therapist perform deep tissue manipulation.

Aroma Sport Massage

Using strong palm strokes and thumb pressing with special kind of Thai oil to relieve strains and complete relaxing.

Hot Herbal Ball Massage

Pressing your body by warm herbal to improve blood and lymph circulation, release toxin and strengthen metabolism.

Traditional Thai Massage

Stretching your body to improve flexibility and mobility, use palm and thumb pressing techniques on your meridian lines to relieve tension.

Feet Reflexology

Using thumb and fingers on the reflex areas to improve blood supply and promotes the unblocking of nerve pulses, relieve stress in you body and mind.

Head, Neck, Shoulder & Back

Therapeutic massage for someone who has limited time, but you can have three different techniques, a firm massage to relieves stress-related tension in the neck and shoulder area, including soft massage to your head to release stress, and palm press on your back.


therapy that heals your body, mind and soul


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